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The first day of the gym can be one of the best experiences of your life or it can be a bad experience, depending on how you set it up and depending on your perspective on things.

To make it one of the best experiences of your life, I am going to give you some tips that will make that important day much easier and more fun for you.

For those of you who are already regulars at the gym, do you remember your first day at the gym ? I still remember that first day I entered a gym and I was able to see for myself everything I had been seeing for years on the internet and in the famous bodybuilding and fitness magazines.

It really is a unique and addictive sensation, but as I said at the beginning, everything will depend mainly on the desire you have and the way you see things.

For all those people who have not yet lived that experience but want to do it sometime, I am going to allow myself the luxury of giving you some tips so that the first day of the gym is a success and you like it so much that you end up hooked just like it happened to me. me some years ago and many more people like me.

Tips for the First Day of the Gym

1. Peace of mind

First of all, stay calm and don’t get nervous. The gym is not an inhospitable place inhabited by evil and abominable creatures with a thirst for blood that will dismember and eat you as soon as you walk through the door…

In a gym you will find people like you, who were once in your same situation and had the same paranoia as you, so don’t watch strange movies and just pack your backpack and go to the gym to discover what a new stage of your life.

By the way, at Myprotein we have some cool backpacks to go to the gym .

2. Appropriate clothing

Now that you’ve psyched yourself up and you’ve got your fears out of your head, it’s time to choose the clothes you’re going to wear for that first day at the gym , but don’t worry, it’s not your first date with the boy or girl who loves you. like. Think that you are only going to exercise and sweat your shirt.

You don’t have to spend €500 on clothes to go to the gym, but you don’t have to wear your oldest t-shirt full of holes, worn-out pants with torn seams…

Try to find the middle ground to go with a good presence and integrate with the rest of the herd.

At Myprotein we have a wide range of sportswear that will help you look good looking on your first day at the gym and make a very good impression on your new colleagues.

3. Don’t push yourself too hard

You have to keep in mind that it is your first day in the gym and you are not going to become Eddie Hall in two days, so it is not necessary that you take the heaviest dumbbells on your first day.

If you have also been sedentary for a long time, your body and your muscles need time to adapt to the changes and new stimuli of exercise.

Therefore, dedicate your first day to a first contact with the room, so it will be much more comfortable and bearable and you will avoid possible unnecessary stress situations.

Dedicate yourself to testing the machines and talking to people, so you will be paving the way and making friends with people with your same hobbies.

Who knows, maybe you will find a person you like and start a stable relationship. Everything can be when we are surrounded by dumbbells!

So that you don’t have any fear and you don’t feel lost on your first day at the gym , we are also going to give you some exercises for beginners that will help you to get started in the world of weights progressively and in the right way so that your career can reach the top.

The first day of gym

Exercises for Beginners

My recommendation is that you start with simple exercises and with little weight to learn the correct execution and not hurt yourself.

In addition, in this way you will avoid wanting to die the days after your first training session due to shoelaces. Believe me that feeling is indescribable..

For example some exercises for beginners are:

  • Barbell chest pulldown
  • Neutral Grip Low Pulley Row
  • Funds in machine
  • Curl de bíceps alterno con mancuernas
  • Press de banca con barra
  • Press militar con mancuernas
  • Extensión de tríceps en polea alta con cuerda
  • Extensión de cuádriceps en máquina
  • Curl femoral tumbado en máquina
  • Sentadillas en multipower


Puedes probar estos ejercicios en tu primer día de gimnasio y así empezarás a aprender la técnica correcta y poco a poco irás adquiriendo fuerza y experiencia, pero hazlo poco a poco y no tengas prisa, porque como dice el refrán: “las prisas no son buenas”.

Nuestros artículos están redactados con fines educativos e informativos, jamás deberán tomarse como una consulta médica. Si fuera necesario, en su lugar visite a su médico o a un profesional antes de comenzar a utilizar suplementos o hacer cambios en su dieta.

Escrito por Rubén Del Toro

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